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Hermione is a werewolf Chap.10

Hermione woke up the next morning, human again, with Ron next to her, asleep. Why was he here? He couldn't be here! She was a monster! Hermione got up and exited the den, Ginny was gone. "Ginny must have gone back to Hogwarts." Hermione whispered to herself.

Hermione looked back at the den; she then turned around, and walked away from Ron. She was halfway out of the Forbidden Forest when she heard a voice calling her name, "Hermione! Wait!" she turned around and saw that Ron was running after her. "Hermione, why did you go?" "Because Ron, I'm a murderer!" "You only killed a rabbit!" "But I almost killed Ginny!" Ron stared at Hermione in shock. Hermione cried and ran away from Ron.

Soon, Hermione stopped running and sat at the roots of a tree, crying. Ron soon caught up with her, and when she tried to run away again, he grabbed Hermione on the arm. "I don't care if you almost hurt Ginny!" said Ron, "But I do! I wouldn't ever have forgiven myself! Ron, I'm a murderer!"

Ron smiled at Hermione; Hermione didn't know why he was smiling at her, she was a murderer. Ron then hugged her. "Well, I blame myself for you being a murderer; I should've given you more meat so you weren't hungry! You did have a big appetite! With a bigger stomach!" Hermione laughed at this. "Ok, I'm not a murderer! It's not any of our faults that I attacked a rabbit! We can blame the werewolf that was in me!" Hermione said "Now that's better Hermione. We can blame the werewolf that was in you."

Hermione giggled, and said, "Ron, you know how to make me feel better about being a werewolf, thank you." Hermione hugged Ron as he hugged her. "Ron." "Yes Hermione?" "You remember last night when you said you loved me and I licked you." "Yeah, I remember." "I licked you to tell you, I love you too." Ron smiled to Hermione and hugged her tighter. "I just wish there was a way you could understand what I say when I'm a werewolf." Said Hermione. "Maybe there is a way Hermione! I can become an Animagus! Then when you're a werewolf, I'll be able to talk to you!" Said Ron.

"No Ron! You're doing too much for me already!" "Hermione, I do this stuff for you because I love you! Hey, maybe Harry and Ginny can become Animagus's too!" said Ron. Hermione looked up and stared into those bright blue eyes. She hugged Ron tighter and said, "Ron, I don't know how to thank you, you're the kindest person I know."

Hermione and Ron leaned in closer to each other, and their lips met. They kissed for five minutes and then broke apart. Ron and Hermione stared at each other and then noticed they were still hugging each other. They let go of each other and Hermione blushed. Professor McGonagall came and took them back to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione climbed through the portrait hole and Hermione went upstairs to change clothes.

When Hermione got out she went back into the common room and saw Ginny. Hermione walked towards Ginny and they hugged each other. "I'm sorry about last night Ginny." Said Hermione. "I forgive you Hermione." Said Ginny.

Hermione is a Werewolf Chap.10 by Phoenixmaze

/ ©2011-2017 Phoenixmaze
Chapter 10! :3
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January 26, 2011
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