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Hermione is a werewolf Chap.20

Ron woke up the next morning, him and Hermione human again. He opened his eyes and saw Hermione's head on his chest. Hermione was sweating and her forehead felt hot. Ron ran a hand through Hermione's hair. Hermione woke up and took her head off of Ron's chest. "Are you feeling ok 'Mione?" said Ron, also sitting up. "No, I feel sick." Said Hermione, putting her head on Ron's shoulder.

Just then, they heard an owl screech. When Hermione heard this she covered her ears, "Just the wolf's sensitive hearing, it gets even more sensitive when werewolves are sick." Said Hermione when Ron had a worried look on his face. Ron got up to go check out what an owl was doing awake, since owls were supposed to be nocturnal. When he came outside of the den, he saw a Barn Owl standing five feet away. The Barn Owl then turned into Phoenix. "Hi Ron, hi Hermione." Said Phoenix.

"Phoenix? What are you doing here?" said Hermione, now getting out of the den. "Oh, well, Ginny and Harry sent me here to make sure you both were ok. They're very worried about both of you. And I couldn't say no because I was worried too." Said Phoenix smiling. She then looked at Hermione and her smile faded away. "Are you ok Hermione? You look pale." Said Phoenix, with her blue eyes staring at Hermione. "I just don't feel so well." Said Hermione. "Oh, well you must not feel well because the full moon was out for two nights. It must have just taken a lot of energy out of you. I hope you get better." Said Phoenix, smiling again and her kind eyes looking at Hermione. "Thank you." Said Hermione to Phoenix.

"We better get back to the Burrow, Xander and Mrs. Weasley don't know I'm gone." Said Phoenix. They then apparated to the Burrow. Harry and Ginny were in the sitting room on the sofa. They were the only ones in the Burrow. When Ginny saw Ron and Hermione she got up and hugged them. "We were worried about you both so much!" said Ginny. "Where did everyone go? Because when I left, everyone except you two were asleep." Said Phoenix. "Mr. Weasley, Percy and George went to work. Bill and Charlie went home. And Mrs. Weasley went to Diagon Alley to get some supplies." Said Harry. "Oh, what about Xander?" said Phoenix. "He's upstairs. He knows you were gone, he saw you leave." Said Ginny. "Oh. Well I'm going upstairs to see Xander." Said Phoenix, heading upstairs to her and Xander's bedroom.

"You ok Hermione?" said Harry. Ginny looked at Hermione, so did Harry. "Yeah I'm fine, I just feel sick. Phoenix asked me the same thing." Said Hermione. Just then, an Elf Owl flew in through the window and landed on the table. It held out its leg and tied to its leg was a letter. Harry untied the letter and looked at who it was addressed to. The letter was addressed to Xander. Harry ran up the stairs to give the letter to Xander, while Phoenix went downstairs and to the Elf owl. "Hi Gylfie." Said Phoenix, petting the cute elf owl on the head. "That's your owl?" said Ron staring at the tiny owl. "Yeah, I got her this year for my birthday, she's very nice to people, especially me and Xander." Said Phoenix, while the tiny elf owl stood in her hand. "But she can get aggressive towards enemies and people who hurt me or Xander." Said Phoenix, petting the tiny elf owl again.

Seeing Phoenix, so happy that she had Gylfie, made Harry miss Hedwig so much. Just then, Gylfie flew onto Harry's shoulder and left out a soft hoot. Phoenix giggled. "She likes you Harry." Said Phoenix, giggling. Harry pet Gylfie and she flew off his shoulder and onto Ron's, then Hermione's, and Ginny's shoulders too. Phoenix giggled again. "That means she likes you." Said Phoenix as Gylfie landed on her shoulder. Phoenix went upstairs with Gylfie, Gylfie still on her shoulder. "How can that elf owl carry letters? That owls tinier than Pig!" said Ron. "Don't under estimate what Phoenix does. She might be nice, but she thinks differently, like Luna, except she was sorted into Gryffindor instead of being in the smart house like Ravenclaw. Phoenix likes to accept people for whoever or whatever they are, as long as thier her friends, family, or good people. She never turns away a friend." Said Xander, who was at the bottom of the stairs.

"What do you mean?" said Hermione. "Well, Hermione, when you said you were a werewolf, Phoenix didn't get disgusted and throw you away like you were nothing meant to be like some people do. She accepted you for being a werewolf, she would never turn away from any friend, unless they turned evil of course, but she would never turn away any friend unless that happened. For example, me and Phoenix knew we had magic, were both pureblood, but our grandparents made us live like muggles too. We had muggle stuff and went to muggle schools. Phoenix had a muggle friend named Faith, but Phoenix didn't turn her down just because she was a muggle. Phoenix actually still talks to Faith sometimes." Said Xander, smiling. "You mean she would never turn away from anyone unless they were bad people?" said Ginny. "Yup, she doesn't like bad people, she likes her friends and family. Her friend and family are always there, no matter what happens." Said Xander.

Hermione went up to her and Ginny's room to change out of her dirty clothes. "Phoenix accepts people for whoever or whatever they are, a long as their her friends, family, or good people." These words repeated in Hermione's head. Phoenix was a good person to tell stuff to, you could always trust Phoenix to keep a secret. Hermione wondered if she should tell Phoenix, and maybe Xander, that she had bitten Ron and now he was a werewolf. She decided she would have to talk to Ron about this, it was his secret too anyways.

Hermione is a werewolf Chap.20 by Phoenixmaze

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Hermione is a werewolf Chap.20!!!!!I've gotten to the big 20!!!! ;3 Comment and Favorite!
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