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Hermione is a werewolf Chap.16

Hermione woke up the next morning next to a human Ron. Ginny and Harry weren't there so they must have gone home, and two barn owls, Phoenix and Xander, were asleep together in a tree. She closed her eyes and fell back asleep.

"Hermione, wake up! Wake up!" said Ron, shaking Hermione awake. Hermione grumbled and opened her eyes. Ron was sitting next to her. "Where did everyone go?" asked Hermione, sitting up now. "They all went back to the Burrow." Said Ron. "I had a bad dream Ron…" said Hermione. "I know, you kept tossing and turning. Are you ok?" said Ron staring into her eyes. "Yeah, I'm ok, it just scared me..." said Hermione, staring back into his eyes.

The next thing Hermione knew, she was kissing Ron. They kept kissing until they ran out of breath, they then broke apart. Hermione then put her head on his shoulder, and he put his head on her head. "So what was your dream about?" asked Ron, staring at her. "I…I had bit you… It was scary, I couldn't control myself…" said Hermione, a tear forming in her eye.

"Hermione, don't worry, you probably never will, but if you do, I'll be glad to be a werewolf with you." Said Ron, putting an arm over her. "I wonder how come I can calm you down when you're in your wolf form." Said Ron. "Well…" said Hermione blushing, "Maybe it's because I love you…" said Hermione in a small voice, blushing a deeper red. "I love you too 'Mione." Said Ron, kissing the top of her head.  Hermione giggled when Ron did this.

"We better get back to the Burrow before mum starts to worry." Said Ron. They then stood up and apparated back to the Burrow.

Hermione is a werewolf Chap.16 by Phoenixmaze

/ ©2011-2016 Phoenixmaze
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