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Hermione is a werewolf Chap.11

Hermione woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. She got up and got ready to go down to breakfast. When she was about to go to breakfast she was stopped by Ron. "They said yes, they'll be Animagus's too!" Hermione hugged Ron and he lifted her off her feet and twirled her around. "Oh Ron! Let's go down to breakfast." While she was down at breakfast she thanked them and ate her breakfast with a smile on her face.

"Wait," whispered Ginny. "How are we going to become Animagus's anyways?" "We train of course." Said Ron. "But how do we train to become Animagus's? It must be hard!" said Ginny. "Well, I think the restricted section in the library can help us with that." Said Ron looking at Harry. "Harry, I think your Invisibility Cloak should come out." Said Ron. "I think your right Ron." Said Harry.

Later that night Harry went to the restricted section in the library under his Invisibility cloak and found out how they were supposed to train to become Animagus's, they were to use a complicated spell that would allow them to be able to be Animagus's.

Later the next afternoon, Ron, Harry, Ginny, and Hermione went down to the Room of Requirement to practice. They only got some parts of the spell right. Ron got a dog tail, Harry had antlers, and Ginny had Horse ears. They changed themselves back to normal, laughing at each others animal parts, and went back to the common room.

"That was fun." Said Ginny.  "It was fun to watch you all try it!" said Hermione.

Hermione is a werewolf Chap.11 by Phoenixmaze

/ ©2011-2016 Phoenixmaze
Hermione is a werewolf Chap.11 IT HAS BEEN A LOOOONG TIME SINCE I HAVE UPLOADED!!!!!!!PLEASE ENJOY!!!!!And read my Journal from 2-16-11 if you have any Harry Potter fanfiction ideas your either too lazy to do and you want me to do, or you just want to help me...I'm planning on doing another Harry Potter fanfiction,Might be Harry and Ginny,but IDK! Thanks! :-)
dalvimir Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
ifyou do another harry should be a vamp
Phoenixmaze Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
I'm sorry b right now I can't! XD We have EOG's in school in 4 weeks and the teachers are being strict about it! 0-0 But I MIGHT try sometime! I can't promise that I will because I'm not really typing alot anymore (WHEN I SHOULD BE!!!) and I'm more of a Ron and Hermione person XD Maybe I'll try!
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